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R.A. Robertson
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Re: Chronoscopic Perception

Hi Bret,
I see we're nearly neighbors. Hope we'll get to train together sometime.

Welcome to aikido, and congratulations on bringing your level of maturity to it. I was fortunate enough to start when I was 19. While I was never athletic in the usual sense, I could climb any tree, was a mad Frisbee fiend, a tennis player, and a dedicated skate punk. I was also dabbling in gymnastics when I started aikido, but nothing had prepared me for the level of foolishness and clumsiness I felt in myself when I got on the mat.

Yes, if you understand that you're learning to walk, to sit, to lie down, to roll over, you're on to something. Moreover, you're learning to see. If you understand that at this stage, you've either found a very good instructor, or you're very acute, or both. The seeing will only deepen over time.

I don't recommend throwing out any of your earlier training, though it may take a while to bring everything into alignment. I'm not a big fan of the "empty cup" school of thought. Of course we must make room within ourselves to receive what others are offering. But we bring a unique lifetime of perspective to the mat as our offering to our teachers and dojo mates.

You will find, as will they, that there is no one else but you who can offer what you have in training with them. Thanks for sharing that with me and the rest of us here on this forum.
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