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Re: When did you start training in Aikido ?

Salah Yousef wrote: View Post
Hey everyone this is my first post here. I am from Kuwait and am 22 years old and have no experience in Aikido or any martial arts. I would like to learn both Krav Maga and Aikido for fun and self defense purposes. I was wondering am I a late guy to start in Aikido ? Plus I will learn it when I turn 24 or 25 when I move to the U.S. or Canada. Wanted to know when did you start training, I mean at what age ? how long have you been training and what is your current rank
Hi Salah
I started aikido at 33 I'm 8 years practising now and fitter than I was at 21 . the average age of beginners at our club is around 30ish so you are in no way too old to start training. in fact I think that in many ways aikido requires a bit more maturity than some other arts. it is a principle based art IMO as opposed to being very 'technique based' so a lot of patience is required to get to a point where it really works. that has been my experience anyway.
coincidentally I also took up Krav Maga for a few months this year. I enjoyed it a lot and it helped me to hone my attacks big time. my ability to strike and kick in a practical way with more flow improved a lot. many krav techniques are jujitsu based too so it compliments aikido in many ways. I did stop the Krav Maga after 5 months as for me aikido is more instinctive now and the crouched Krav fighting stance was just so different to the straight neutral stance my aikido instructor teaches. alsoI find the mindset for both arts is different. I just find the aiki mindset suits me better now. but each person will have their own likes. the main thing is to enjoy the journey and do what you find works for you.
have fun
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