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Re: Chronoscopic Perception

Hi Ross,
Thank you for the article. My sensei has been speaking of some of this in class, the fields of energy and the sensing of and response to movement. As a new student, having begun June 2013, and beginning my Aikido training relatively late in life, I usually feel that I am moving like a toddler just beginning to walk. I find in these photos, in contrast, evidence of a beautiful precision and grace of movement that I wish I could obtain.

My previous martial arts training, in Taekwondo, which albeit was over 20 years ago, does not seem to have helped me much in Aikido. The philosophy of defense seems to me to be an almost polar opposite, and my reflexive movements lack the sensitivity and intention of blending that Aikido requires. So, I'm finding that my previous training in how to respond to potentialities may be more of a hindrance than a benefit, but maybe that will change.

Thank you again,
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