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Fundraiser: Aikido No Zo T-Shirts

Posted 2014-02-22 16:52:56 by Chicago Aikido Club
News URL: http://chicagoaikidoclub.wordpress.c.../aikido-no-zo/

Chicago Aikido Club is now selling T-shirts featuring the Aikidō No Zō (合気道の像). This delightful illustration, inspired by the Indian parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant, is a visualization of the many approaches and attitudes assumed in the study of Aikido by its different teachers, students, schools and organizations.

The title is a play on words inspired by Japanese puns using homophones. Aikidō No Zō (合気道の像) translates as "A Portrait of Aikido." However, "Zō" also sounds like the character "象" meaning "elephant."

Aikidō No Zō T-shirts are available in small, medium, large and extra-large. Special orders may be made for other sizes. All shirts are available for $25 each. E-mail us at to place your order. Payment may be made by checks made out to Chicago Aikido Club mailed to Chicago Aikido Club, 5315 N. Clark St. #105, Chicago, IL 60640 or via PayPal.

Proceeds from sales will go to help replace mats at our host institution, Tohkon Judo Academy (

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