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Re: How do you deal with.....

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a person in the dojo of higher rank than you who is muttering stuff, including swear words, under their breath,
I am 3 Kyu training as Uke with first Kyu. We are performing Tai no henka without grabbing or touching. Sensei is teaching off line body movement. The attack is Mune tsuki .For some unknown reason the First Kyu always grabs my wrist to perform Kote Gaeshi. I am getting annoyed as we are not supposed to make contact. I amp my attack up a bit to the displeasure of Nage, who completely miss's grabbing my wrist. My action provokes Nage to walk off the mat. Surrounding training partners stop and look in amaze. I quickly approach Nage with an apology to which I get the reply "Fuck off" I approach Nage and whisper in his "ear do not talk to me like that again"! After training, off the mat I tell Sensei what happened? We avoid each other on the mat as to be expected, and then one day out of the blue the First Kyu wants to train with me. It was a pleasant experience to my surprise. As they say "Nip it in the bud" All the best with training.

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