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Stephen Nichol
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Re: How do you describe budo practice to non-budo folks?

Yeah, I would say that is a good way to put it.

Budo is just 'Budo'. One can 'feel many ways or things' about the Budo they practice. As it is always the individual's interpretation of their experience at any given moment that will determine what they will feel about it.

However when asked about my studies and experience, most people want to know: What is it? How do you do :stuff:? Does it work (with actual self defense 'concepts' in mind)? and somewhere much further down the line of questions it may get asked: Is it fun?

I have started describing it to non-budo people as my preferred way of self-reflection, introspection and meditation. Taking the time to focus on any one of the many things our minds and bodies have to internalize to become better at everything else and experiencing progress in that is, to me, much more rewarding an experience than most other things in life.

So it is not 'fun' in the moment of doing kata/suburi/solo IP/IS/Aiki training.. it is interesting, challenging and many other things when you are looking to make little improvements to optimize yourself. The fun comes when you check yourself with someone else and their comments are along the lines of: 'That was much better than last time' Or 'Wow, how do you do that to me so easily?' and you begin to share your knowledge with them... and they begin to experience improvements for themselves... that is the fun part. For me anyway.
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