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i think that whole concept of physics and science itself is mind blowing. why because we have equations and formulas and 'explinations' for the basic tenets of physics does it suddenly become common everyday accepted principles?

if anybody here can tell me they truly (and i mean truly) understand electricity (not just how to harness it), i will be thoroughly impressed.

whilst there is a lot of mumbo jumbo and people thinking they can harness all kinds of super powers dont discount anything because we can or cant understand it.

too many people get caught up on if it hasnt been explained by a scientist then it isn't possible. science is really just the documentation of phenomena, scientists cant place limits upon things just because they cant see it or explain it. science is also based upon the assumption that things behave in a uniform way. there is no proof of this, only evidence gathered from a short period of time in the life of the universe and only a small corner of the universe to support what is just a theory.

and also dont become too dependant on basic physics explaining things, the whole world of physics and science has been turned upside down many times before and im sure it will again.

i like your explination of mental prompts bruce.

sorry i dont offer a solution to the problem, all i can say is take any oppurtunity to train and try to learn something from everybody, we all have something to teach no matter how trivial.

sorry this is so long. im just a kid anyways.... what useful things could i have to say? probably not much.

happiness. harmony. compassion.
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