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Chess and Aikido

I appreciate that this isn't really appropriate here, but since being banned from Aikido for a year, i have to take up other past-times, One of these being Chess. Now I have enjoyed the odd game with m,y dad for many years now, and would even go as far in saying that I am a reasonable player. That's kind of like Aikido too really? I consider myself a reasonable Aikidoka. No I can't perform more than a few waza off by heart, but I love my aiki (if such a thing is possible) and she loves me. Hence the claim.

Back to the chess, so yeah i like picking up the odd game here and there, both on live boards and digital ones. I have also found a website which, for the princely sum of under ten dollars a month, offers online learning. I tried out a few of their freebie videos, and then proceeded to trounce a 1700 player on the web. Whereas my rating is right now, low 1400s. So what's all that about? ;-)
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