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Re: Aikido as an actual Martial Art

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i wonder if folks would tell the judo folks that they need to do more punching and kicking; the karate folks need to do more throwing and locks; BJJ, more stand up striking; sword folks, more pitch forks; dogs, more cats; .....

if you want an all-around martial artists, then take up as many martial arts as you can. go running. weight lifting. put on leotard and do aerobic. swimming. rock climbing. shooting. etc and etc. don't do curling as what in the god name why that's an olympic sport????!!! guys with brooms and a rock, what the hell? sheesh!

we are doing aikido. the way of aiki, whatever the heck that is, right?
Curling can be an effective martial art if you have a cooperative attacker who will stand still on a patch of ice while you slide stones at him.
It is an offshoot of the martial art bocce where there doesn't have to be ice.
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