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Improv, Aikido, and Psychotherapy

I've posted my article, "'Yes, and': Acceptance, Resistance, and Change in Improv, Aikido, and Psychotherapy" to,_and.pdf.

The twentieth century saw the development of some new and ostensibly unrelated disciplines that nevertheless embody strikingly similar concepts relating to acceptance, resistance, and change. These disciplines include improvisational theatre ("improv"), the martial art Aikido, and various acceptance-based forms of psychotherapy, including Ericksonian hypnotherapy as well as therapies incorporating mindfulness meditation. Improv's yes, and practice, in which a performer accepts and builds on the partner's offer (Koppett, 2001), may provide a versatile and easily understood model of these concepts. Similarities to the yes, and principle can be seen in Aikido's blending practice (Leonard, 1999) and in Erickson's utilization (Windle & Samko, 1992).
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