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Bruce Baker
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analyze the basic concept

There is some validity to learning to prompt the body with thoughts in the mind, but you must find the keys to what makes your body respond.

Sometimes there are clues in books, sometimes people get weird about phenonmenon they don't understand, but the fact is, anyone can cultivate Ki, and learn to do things that are somewhat ... amazing.

I don't believe you need to spend any more than a couple of dollars on a few books, or if you have a good library, you can order in most of the books you need to read, so put out of your mind any strange ki or chi courses.

It will take a whole lot of training, and some basic studying to provide clarity on your part in order to understand the mental prompts from the mind that make the body do things beyond normal.

I can give you a few ideas about extending energy, to reach across the room instead of reaching in front of an object which will increase your strength considerably, and it won't take a $600 course to learn! Punch to the rear of an object, through it as it were, and you too can knock down six people.

It takes a little training, a lots of mental practice to achieve.

You can listen to what you learn from your Aikido teachers, seminars, and consider how you can apply techniques so they will work for you, or you can not listen and physically practice, butting your head up against the wall, day after day. Your practice, your choice.

Remember, there is some grain of truth to all lies, but that doesn't mean you have to believe everything someone else believes?

Read. Think. Practice. Study.

Hey, if a poor schumuck like me can get a handle on it, you of the modern society should be able to get it that much quicker.

Put a little effort into it, and you will discover scientific explanations for previous unexplainable feats, or acts of strength ... even in Aikido.

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