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Re: How do you deal with.....

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I just dont get hardly the value from it that I get from practicing the same mindfulness, presence, acceptance and intro/extrospection while in the midst of distraction and effort. Meditation is inherently paradoxical. Is the master awake? How is a fundamentally solipsistic practice ever going to answer that?
Meditation is not a solipsistic practice.

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Most of y'all know I'm a pretty enthusiastic atheist
Bully for you, but while meditation is a broad term that can refer to a practice of a religious belief system, the kind of meditation you specifically mentioned doing has nothing at all to do with any belief in a deity. I'm quite sure you're aware of this. So what's the point of bringing up your atheism?

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and I do think that a whole bunch of the spiritual/philosophical crap put on top of aikido is not just crap but crap that is a misinterpretation of a misappropriation of another culture's crap.
I predict you're going to find it impossible to have a civil and rational conversation with anyone on this topic as long as you insist on using terms like "crap" that are fraught with incivility.

Done with this distraction.
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