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Re: How do you deal with.....

Krystal, you've got a lot of good points, but you're wrong about meditation. It's off the topic completely and the subject for a much longer thread, but believe me, you're utterly wrong that "[a]nyone can get all evolved and spiritual and crap when its quiet." Sit for a weekend, really DO IT as opposed to pretending to do it, as opposed to making up your own mind what it's all about and talking to yourself and making up your own stories about "this spiritual crap is crap" and thinking about what you'd rather be doing and what you'll have for dinner -- all the while you're supposed to be meditating -- and then come back and tell me that anyone can do it. Hell, tell me that YOU did it. I'll have much more respect for your views at that point...and, I predict, you'll be embarrassed by your earlier statements.

You have some good points here, but sitting isn't in contrast to what you advocate. Wanting one's aikido practice to always be congenial and comfortable is. You're right to tee off on that notion, but sitting meditation is not by any means congenial and comfortable,
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