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Re: Good vids on Suwari Waza?

Long Trinh wrote: View Post
Thanks everyone. All your vids are cool. And Phi Truong I really like the tachidori in your vid.

Yeah I'm at the stage where I hate suwari waza with a (dis)passion, since I also dance salsa regularly and my knees keep giving up. But an aikidoka gotta do what an akidoka gotta do

Strange. All of the older yudashans I know, including my Sensei, could no longer do Suwari Waza. Is it true that there's a high potential for knee damage from this?
TakedaShuhan's knees are still great and so are the knees of all the high ranking guys who trained under him now up to 7th dan they all did hours of suwariwaza practice and still do a lot ofit why their knees are still good, I don't know...

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