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Scott Harrington
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Shiro Saigo with Sun Yat Sen (1913)

A nice shot of Shiro Saigo (made famous in the movie Sanshiro Sugata) who was one of Kano's earliest Judo students. There is a two-fold story with some debate about him being 1) a previous Daito ryu student who trained in Kano's dojo and 2) a master of the technique Yama-arashi (Mountain Storm) which has not been duplicated in the Judo world.

The Yama-arashi is a Daito ryu technique involving a modified shiho-nage with a sweep. Very hard to take ukemi from.

This photo is with Sun Yat Sen, first President of China, who was getting protection in Japan in 1913. What is amazing is how short Shiro Saigo was.

Shiro Saigo moved to Nagasaki after breaking from Kano and Judo and studied Kyudo (archery) and took up Journalism (probably why he is pictured next to Sun Yat Sen).

Scott Harrington
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