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Re: Use of the term Aikido"ka"

I've had this discussion before in both aikido and kendo circles, there is no right answer, in the end the conclusion I came to is that in terms of cultural translation imagine calling yourself a footballer. You may play football two or three times a week but it isn't your profession. If it was you'd be a 'professional footballer' rather than just a 'footballer'. But in the right context you wouldn't need to add the word professional, for example if someone asked you what you did for a living and you said you were a footballer then it' pretty clear that this is your job, but if someone asked you what your hobbies were and you said you were a footballer then that's also a perfectly good use of the term footballer. Same with using aikidoka. I am an aikidoka and it's fine to use that term, but it isn't my profession.

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