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Re: Straw Poll, Aikido & Self Defense

"Actually you will find the exact opposite. Most of the old school Gracies lament the direction that many BJJ schools have taken the art. Helio Gracie was adamant about the fact that SD was first and foremost the concern of BJJ. My friends the Valente brothers in Miami are very, very clear about this and it is very evident when you train in their gym.

That may have well been case originally, but BJJ long ago became a sport complete with refs, belts, rules, fancy colorful patches and tournaments. Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful and highly effective art, but the whole notion of "all fights end on the ground" so get good at it, is a bit flawed and a dangerous assumption to make particualrly in terms of SD. Don't forget that many of Helios matches, while rough, were none the less in a ring with a ref and the knowledge that at least no one else would intervene, hence the infamous 3 hr grudges matches, etc.... Besides, the BJJ code has long since been cracked by other professionals. I'm not aware of any high level BJJ players that are actually winning MMA tournaments with any regularity any more. Plus, Royce and the boys have all been popped for steroids. LOL!!!! So much for pure technique over coming strength. While technique is great, being a strong mofo never hurts either. Most champs these days seem to very well-rounded rather than having a single "style", BJJ or otherwise.

"No it was banned because it is incredibly stupid and dangerous to poke someone's eyes out. Has nothing to do with effective or ineffective. Of course it is effective, but that is not why it was banned."

I think th last line speaks for itself. Which is why its use in SD is essential. I could care less about sports. It's a great technique not because it's hard, but because it's easy. Anyone can do it. It's also highly effective at bringing even the biggest bad guy to a halt. This is handy if you're a 5' tall 100lb female walking to her car alone one night. Something tells me going to ground and trying to mount her assailant would not be advisable.

Of course, the ground rules are essential, but a true collegiate, singlet-wearing, cauliflower-eared, toothless, Greco-Roman wrestlers are the strongest pound-for-pound athletes in the world. They may not be able to knock you out, or do a fancy arm bar, but any wrestler worth his salt can pick any of us up and slam us around at will. Don't believe me, go ask for a pick up match at the local university

"This assumes that you have a high degree of control of the situation, when in fact, in most SD situations you may typically have a high degree of failure, thus lack of control that you have to work to make up for. Thus, why things are not so simple."

Regardless of the degree of control, which is no doubt important, the basic premise still holds when it comes to SD. Hit a soft thing with a hard thing. If someone puts a rigid key in a soft eyeball, or hard shin into you squishy liver, they're gonna win. That's why bats are made of metal/wood rather than cotton, bullets are made from lead rather than toffee and armor is made from steel rather than corduroy. You can hit hard to hard, or soft to soft, but it won't be as effective as hard vs. soft and you may injure yourself.

"As an Infantry Officer, I would beg to differ on this. The reality is that one is not better than the other, they all have strengths and weaknesses and the Leader that can properly employ these tools Strategically, Operationally, and Tactically...that is understands the ART, will be successful."

Well, as an Infantry Officer, I'm sure you think Infantry can do anything (no bias there)......Until of course, the Air Force shows up :/ Send in the drones........NOT the grunts. It's a lot easier for a plane to shoot at infantry than for infantry to shoot at a plane. That's why you guys are constantly calling in air support, remember? Sure you could run up the hill and try to take it by hand, but better to rain down death from above, then waltz right up whenever you're ready. Also, planes have guns, missiles, and nukes. Infantry doesn't. This is also why you don't generally see a line around the block for guys wanting to sign up to join the infantry, but everyone wants to be a fighter pilot. An autonomous, stealth-capable, lifeless done vs. an 18 yr. old. with bad acne and a rifle is not going to end well for the 18 yr. old. I guarantee it

Thanks for catching the "technique" in the clip I posted Dave As you can see, without even trying, the slightest tap/touch to the eye is enough to make someone/anyone instantly stop what they're doing and cover their face. Kind of like getting hit in the nards, even a seemingly innocuous, glancing blow can be enough to bring you to your knees, which is why all MMA players are required to wear cups. Tough as they are, even they can't handle groin shots and eye gauges. They're only human after all.

However, if you really want to try to achieve victory in any scenario by retaining the low ground with your infantry while shooting cotton balls at composite material drones dropping bombs on you from above, go for it. Don't say I didn't warn you
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