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Re: training at multiple dojos?

() wrote:
what do you feel about the issues of loyalty to one teacher/dojo affecting one's training?

note here i'm not talking about irregular visits, dojo hopping, or seminars, but a situation where you attend everyday classes at more than one dojo regularly for the indefinite future.
Well it is far better to train every day at your main dojo although I reallize not every dojo is open every day.

I actually find myself in a similar situation in that my dojo is a serious commute from my home. So much so in that I can only go once a week during which I train all day.

For extra training I've taken up Judo (no conflict there yet many similar skills) and started a small group of my own. I am very careful about joining the organizations of other Shihans (its weird about that over here) but if affiliated dojos were closer I would train in them.

One thing about loyalty though. Don't sweat it so much. This is something that builds up over time and is a two way street. I have always found it very strange that someone (not talking about you or anyone in particular) worries about it with less than a year with a sensei. I've run into some very stident examples. Train and enjoy, your path will become clearer as you travel it. If you find that training in multiple dojos is confusing you, then cut back.

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