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Re: How to deal with irritating partner?

After a few more incidents I'm starting to think people here got a point. There's something seriously wrong at our dojo.

I was training with a 6th kyu girl and had her locked in shihonage. She was really trying to get out of the lock and swung around to slap me. I put my other hand up to block her, but she swung back so hard she slammed into my hand and it turned into a huge slap. She broke down crying and her boyfriend came over to hit me.

A 5th kyu girl was working with a nidan girl. Every time the 5th kyu got the nidan in a shihonage the nidan just turned around in kaeshiwaza and strangled the 5th kyu in kubishime. 4 times in a row. It really frustrated and humiliated the 5th kyu.

I think that's masochistic. Like people said anyone can prevent an aikido technique if they know what to expect, much less a nidan against a 5th kyu. There's no training or teaching there. It's a power play.

And this nidan girl is also the Sensei's favorite. And she does nothing to prevent all this from happening.

An old friend of mine who used to be a regular in this dojo left because he found the ambiance too hypocritical and pervert. I didn't believe him at first when I was a noob, but now I'm starting to look for another dojo.
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