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whilst the word 'lazy' has many negative conotations associated with it i have struggled to find the right word that conveys the feeling or principle i mean. i blame the english language and our lack of descriptive words. whilst the word 'efficient' could come close, it doesn't really embody what i try to say as it is kind of mechanical in its description.

since i study biology and in australia i will give an example of what i mean in terms of this.

a kangaroo moving at speeds of less than 8km/h and greater than 30km/h use a higher expenditure of energy than whilst travelling somewhere between these speeds.

when i speak of lazy, this is what i am trying to say. not doing too much energetically or too little, both physically and mentally. i personally think more in terms of avoiding the overexpenditure of energy which is why the term lazy fits very well to me. but there is a point where too little can be done too and i didnt really make any of this clear.

so my apologies if i have caused offence and aggrevation.

happiness. harmony. compassion.
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