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Re: How do you deal with.....

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Wow you're feelings are hurt because someone is cursing quietly at you while practicing.

Wait until someone attacks you for real while screaming obscenities at you.

You need to control your reaction to such things, it is part of the martial arts training.

Better not join the U.S. Marines, Army, Navy, or any military organization, they go out of their way to hurt your feelings especially during basic training.

Marriage might be out of the question too.

So you think just because i go to a dojo that i have given up my right not to be cussed at and talked down to when i get something wrong?

Been there and done that.

If i wanted that then i would have enlisted but i did not and ended up in a dojo that explicitly states that swearing is not accepted on the mat. Personally i think swearing on the mat either to ones self or towards others is disrespectful to our founder but that is just my opinion and many would agree. But it is not just the swearing that bothers me it is because i dont live up to her standards and have to get abused because of it. In the UK swearing alone can land you in jail if you are not careful and not respectful of others.

Was married for ten years and have two kids.

Have a nice day
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