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Re: How do you deal with.....

David Skaggs wrote: View Post
Wow you're feelings are hurt because someone is cursing quietly at you while practicing.

Wait until someone attacks you for real while screaming obscenities at you.

You need to control your reaction to such things, it is part of the martial arts training.

Better not join the U.S. Marines, Army, Navy, or any military organization, they go out of their way to hurt your feelings especially during basic training.

Marriage might be out of the question too.

Sorry David - I don't buy that. I am there to practice, get a good work-out, and build up a thirst for the beer that would surely follow. Can't be expected to put up with some egotistical twit massaging his own esteem by putting me or others down. That is usually what the cursing means - and we all have run into this at one point or the other.

Now if that were part of what was signed up for fine but its not. An ass is an ass.

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