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Re: How do you deal with.....

I personally do not justify cussing doing class as ann appropriate thing to do. I see it as a lack of respect towards the art, the teacher and the person I am working with. Sure I get frustrated for doing things wrong as well, but using bad words doesn't help do things right.

I agree that you should talk to the person and clear things out. Above all since it seems you are working with the same person all the time (I thought in aikido you practice with everyone, but that might differ from dojo to dojo).
Dear anonymous, you have to understand one thing about aikido. It is not the attacker that learns the technique and the defender who is your dummy. You learn both when you are nage and when you are uke. When you receive a technique as uke, feel what is happening. Study the attacker movements. Try to keep your center the whole time, don't just be passive. Think that if it was a matter of life you would not just give up, sure let nage work, but it does not mean just be jerked around.
Once you understand this concept, you can understand that an experienced uke can help a beginner nage in directing him/her towards the right direction. So just saying you suck does not show a good partner work. Like in the ikkyo example you did. I can be a rock to show you that you are doing it wrong and when I feel you are adjusting correctly I can work guiding you the right path. That way I learn myself how to correct that kind of mistake.

But first thing, go talk to that guy. If he was indeed addressing to you, you can always ask sensei to change partner.

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