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Cady Goldfield
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Re: Chronoscopic Perception

I like his work very much, and I'm about as strict a "it's gotta be representational art, dammit!" type as it gets. I have zero, zippo interest in or tolerance for stuff that requires no talent and gives no aesthetic value to the senses. So...for example, those "art" installations consisting of, say, videotapes of goldfish gaping at the camera while an hourglass trickles sand, and an operatic tenor wails (with pretentious titles, of course) are anathema.

By contrast, Maruyama's work, to my perception, shows an excellent - perhaps brilliant - eye toward using a camera, time and plastic/fluid substances or beings in motion as his chosen media. His work is both evocative and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, I would call it painterly (and I'm really trying not to sound pretentious here... I'm a former professional illustrator -- and I did take an art appreciation course as an undergrad. ).

Nice find.
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