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Re: training at multiple dojos?

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hi all,

does anyone here train regularly at more than one dojo? that is, visits each dojo at least once a week, or a few times every month?
I used to practise at three-four dojos regularly, meaning more or less each weak. It can be very rewarding, if you have a few years of training behind you and the dojos and teachers are right for you. It is hard work, though, to always adopt to what is done in the different dojos! It takes that one truly respects all of the styles visited to give that effort.

If not, practising for a teacher not trying to learn what he/she is teaching is a wast of both his/her and your time. Regularly going to several dojos for a longer time just for the sake of doing so, I would advice against. If you have a keen interest in all the teachers in question, that is another matter.

It could damage your relationships to the dojo which is your home dojo. Do not be surprised if the teacher/dojo chooses other students for favourite uke/assisting in beginners class etc. It could be the price you'll have to pay, being regarded as only half loyal. I used to despise teachers who openly say that they give more to students who practise for them only. Now I think they are at least honest...!

The perfect teacher or dojo should have no problems with students practising elseware, even if it meant skipping classes at the home dojo I think. But hey, aikido teachers are human. From a perspective of individual aikido development, probably a one-year session in another dojo and one year at home would be more rewarding than two years with equal amount of training in both. But then there are such things as relationships to the teacher and/or dojo.
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