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Re: How do you deal with.....

I am far from confident when it comes to stuff since i know i get lots wrong and only a fool would be confident then. But then again i am a white belt. If i knew what i was doing then i would not be a white belt. I am a humble learner and i know i make mistakes. I am not over confident by any stretch of the imagination.

I could spent the next year or two just learning the stuff for red belt and still not get it right on the day of testing. During shomen uchi ikkajo there is usually one thing that i am forgeting be it footwork, forgetting to ki my hand .............

It's ok. For me it's the joy of learning and doing things that keeps me coming back even if i look like a fool who does still not know what they are doing. I still enjoy it. I have never done any MA at all. Nor have i done anything remotely close to it that also involves great feats of coordination that could have helped me.

I just shut up and train. Every week. Even if i get things wrong.

Anyway...thank you
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