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Re: How do you deal with.....

I agree with you ibb and the more i think and the more time has passed the more i am thinking that she could have just said what she did out of pain from standing up or something like that. But a pain inspired "effing heck" sounds different than what i heard which was a muffled, quit and soft under the breath type of "effing heck". This could not have been as a result of me being too hard on the uke either as i far too soft on people out of fear of hurting them.

I dont know. I am very sensitive to that kind of criticism if indeed it was directed my way. I will let it go and hope it does not happen again. What was said is out of this persons character as well from what i have seen of them so this makes it ever more strange. What i do not want is animosity or bad feelings towards each other on the mat. I can let this go even though i ate me up earlier.

Time away did make a difference and made me think that it could have been pain and totally unrelated. That is the benefit of thinking and having the time to do it. Maybe i just made a rushed decision to believe that it was directed towards me when it wasn't. Maybe it was directed at me. One thing is sure. If there is a next time i will question them as far as what they meant if i hear anything like that again.

Thanks for letting me vent i guess
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