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How do you deal with.....

a person in the dojo of higher rank than you who is muttering stuff, including swear words, under their breath, occasionally out of frustration on their part, because they cannot believe that I do not "get" certain things as fast as they do.

The first time i just let it slide. Tonight this person actually swore, not necessarily at me but under their breath but loud enough for me to hear it since i was their uke and it happened as i got up. Not being totally %100 sure of what was said - because they are foreigners and not natives of the country i live in - but it sure sounded like "fucking hell" no matter how you disguise it with an accent, I said i learn slow to them after i got up. I left it at that but it has been eating at me ever since and i dont know what to do.

I show up for every class and put the effort in but maybe that is what is causing it. I go three times a wee. Maybe i am just trying to hard to get it right and need to back off. I dont know.

Now, the way i see it, it is a bad outcome for me either way and i dont like it. They can deny it by saying they did not say that. And if i confront them all that will do is sour the relationship and i sure as heck dont want to train with somebody like that. In our school we are more or less forced to work with people and there is no way out of it as it is the sensei's that pair groups. I will just leave and go someplace else. I really dont need that crap. I praise this person when i see them do good and have always shown respect by bowing and thanking.

I can leave it at that and make nothing of it but it really got to me and my confidence is already knocked because of other reasons.

I need some help on this please
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