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Re: Receiving Verbal Abuse.

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They call this policeman "the worlds most patient cop". Clearly he could have arrested this man for his abusive language but chose not to and activated a different strategy to deal with this man having a temper tantrum. If you were both a cop and an Aikidoa, would you respond in this way, or in a different way?
Free speech ... we like it anyway. Abusive language is not a crime in such a context. Even if it means blowhards get to blow hard. Nice to see a professional in a position of authority not lose their poise and succumb to sophomoric pranks (dash cams are nice) or emotionally unstable high pitched screeching.

Littering is a serious problem and can carry very high fines. $1000 in my neck of the woods.

For all the kids out there let this be a lesson - just keep your mouth shut and it will all be over much more quickly. Also, drive safe.

For an evening of kicks take a listen to your local dispatch - many are online in real time.

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