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Re: Old Testament Creationism

Here's a debate between Bill Nye and Ken Hamm on the subject. I'm in the middle of watching it still, but so far the opening statements have Ken suggesting secularists have used a sloppy application of the term "science," confusing the science of history (his focus) with the science of experimentation. He also seems to suggest naturalism (i.e. rejection of the supernatural) has been forced on people in science class. Bill opens by pointing to the millions of Faithful who assert literal interpretations of Biblical history aren't accurate (I take as meaning to show that people can believe in the science without a crisis of faith, contrary to Ken's opening remarks about secularists imposing their denial of the supernatural in science). Bill also points to the Grand Canyon's very discrete organization of species according to strata as a major point against the World Flood idea.
At any rate, hope this adds in some useful way.
Take care.

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