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Re: dolphin slaughter in Taiji/ strengthening nationalism

Man you really seem like you have a lot on your mind!

- Dolphin kills
- mercury and other heavy metals in the food supply
- whaling
- rape of Nanjing
- Chinese comfort women
- island disputes
- state visits to Yasukuni Jinja

There is a lot of stuff you are forgetting to let bother you!

- the continued hardship endured by victims of the quake - tsunami - nuclear disaster
- oh noes, the radiation is going everywhere and killing the planet
- free trade agreement
- Japanese government printing too much money
- Prominent city leaders believe that women are human-shaped bags of meat surrounding wombs
- Why does 21st century anime suck so bad?
- Where the hell did these people get their concept of pizza?

Let me put some ideas out here for you.

First, you are a Westerner and you believe that the individual has a responsibility to form an opinion on current events, particularly politics. The Japanese don't quite get that, I don't think. This is not to say that you can't find different opinions on things - for instance, plenty of Japanese folks are appalled by the dolphin kills. My wife tells me her high school history teacher was fired for talking about Nanjing off the official course materials (in the late 80s). But the way that people share their ideas and act on them is different. Frustrating to us Westerners. Seems like they'll all complain about something for years over there without any change. The way they form political will is different.

Second, they have a pretty interesting political system over there, compared to how we do things in the USA. They are strict about political campaigns, and have a parliamentary system, and IMO, they get more real choice during elections. But nobody votes!

Third, Japan is not tops in Asia. China's economy has surpassed theirs in size, South Korea is formidable, and there is a paranoid, nuclear-capable nation full of meth addicts in the neighborhood too! Consider the possibility that Japan is not manufacturing the geopolitical pressure that is leading them to consider nationalism; certainly they are not to the extent that America did at the turn of the 21st century.
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