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Lee Salzman
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Finland internal power and aiki study group

I am seeking people in Finland (in the greater Helsinki area - I myself am in Hyvinkää) to start a study group for internal power and aiki. The mission of the group is to practice paired training for internal power and aiki, as real qualities conditioned into the mind/body, independent of any particular martial art or style or techniques. No experience is necessary; I can show basic solo work/body conditioning exercises that people can do at home for building internal power and aiki. Training times and locations would be wherever convenient for the people involved (i.e. Kisahalli or similar).

Standard disclaimer: I am still just a student of this, though I have been training this a few years now and have enough working knowledge to get others started. That said, I am interested in finding people who want to progress alongside me, as fellow students and peers.

Further disclaimer: This is not no-touch/empty-force stuff. This is practical work useful for informing how you do any martial art.

If you are interested, please email me at with "aiki" included in the subject line to get past my spam filter.
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