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Re: The History of Aikido in Australia?

First off, thankyou for those links that you were good enough to post, that is very much appreciated and I am working through them at present. I am attempting to create a thumbnail sketch of Aikido in Australia and will post a version of it up here when I get it in a format that works and one that can be added to as I come across new information.

As for the discussion re the Aikido organizations we have the following here in Adelaide, I am not sure how they relate to one another, yet my mail is that its not uncommon for students in our city to attend seminars and so forth run by different organizations. Adelaide is a small city in Australia and maybe not as involved in the politics of it, I really am not sure, when I contacted some of these on this list, I found them nothing but helpful.

Ki Society
Budo Kan. (Aikido / Atemi Jujitsu)
Yoshinkan Aikido
Aikido Kenkyukai International (Affiliated to AIkikai)
Traditional Aikido Australia (Affiliated to Aikikai)
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