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Re: The History of Aikido in Australia?

I train in Australia, under Aikikai Australia. We are just down the road from the Brisbane Aikikai who are now aligned with New Zealand. This created an issue as the Brisbane guys were originally students of the head of QLD, who actually started trainig under a different shihan in England. There certainly are (unnecessary) politics. I don't pay much attention to them. (Interestingly, I'm related by marriage to a japanese shihan who outranks any practicioner in Australia). From what I have heard in the past, whenever there have been high-profile shihan visiting Aikikai Australia, other groups are welcome to attend on some days, but not on grading days. I imagine this would be the same for next January.

Shame really - was it Kermit the Frog who said "it's nice to be important, but its important to be nice?"

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