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Question Etiquette for changing dojo

Good day all,

I am currently a member of a great dojo, Sensei and the other students are all fantastic both on and off the mat. Great people!

The issue is that I have bought a new house and changed jobs, and now getting there on time for class is an issue. I have to leave work a little early to make practice, fighting rush hour traffic for 30 some minutes (not a catastrophy but still a pain).

I recently discovered that there is a new Dojo that opened up near my house about a year ago (about an 8 minute walk). I recently attended a seminar with them and turns out.... they are a great group of people as well... Guess Aikido people are just nice people

I am currently with the CAF and this new Dojo is USAF, not sure if that's an issue or not?

Anyhow, I was wondering what is the Etiquette for a situation like this?

Is it fair to my current Dojo to change because I found a closer and more convenient Dojo?
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