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Re: XX's and OO's from Atlanta

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Jon, I appreciate that you are trying to work within the paradigm of the model that you have been shown. I don't think you're describing things that are more advanced or different from concepts that have been identified in other martial arts' internal strength methods - all of which have a component of physical conditioning to rewire the body, intent work to utilize the new connections being formed inside and an application layer that's still somewhat removed from actual martial arts applications (i.e. fighting). As you make progress, I'll be interested in your impression of the guts of the "how's it work" parts of the discussion. I'm also respectful that some things need to stay private. Enjoy!
Love the section in bold, which seems to actually be very important conceptually. I am happy to share what I can because I perceive the friction in this whole "aiki" model debate to be largely one of lexicon and interpretation, not fact and material. Unfortunately, that is somewhat unimpressive at the moment.

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