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Re: I'm curious

crystalwizard wrote:
why you feel that demonstrations wouldn't be productive.


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I actually don't know of anyone whose signed up for an Aikido class based on a demonstration. Conversations I've had with instructors seems to confirm this. I'm sure others out there have success stories but my feedback and experience has been that they don't work to bring in students.

I think the reason is that they are one time things and require a bit of luck that someone in the audience also has an interest. We probably would be better off walking down the street and asking everyone if they want to do Aikido.

The best marketing promotion I know of in the bay area was when Seagal came to visit and the host dojo got a write up in the local newspaper. My understanding is that they did reasonably well off that. His star has fallen a bit so maybe that wouldn't work as well these days.
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