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Re: "Uke from hell"

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I've had that title and now I am "worse". Not because I have a strong grip (which on it's face, is ridiculous and is a sign of poor Ukeme) and I am "strongly centered". Now I am a "bad" Uke because I influence my Nage to execute the technique correctly by being soft and staying connected with him/her. I have learned through experience that in presenting a strong grip you foolishly give your center to Nage before they have to do anything.

William Hazen
Thank goodness I am not alone and take your advice with the kindest of regards, but when performing Tai no henko, nage is frozen to the spot with a hard grip, unless I ease off...and that annoys Dan grades...we won't even talk about morote tori, that's a whole new story. But I do know this Iwama first and second generation students I also train with welcome good strong hard grips.

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