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Come train with me - not too far away eh :-)
Yes I would love to train with you. I too have trained with Junichi Nishimura at one of my first Aikido Seminars. I shall never forget his words to my training partner who is a Nidan at our club, about 6 foot 3 and built like a thorough breed race horse from his canoe training. " Ow you picked the wrong training partner" said Junichi Sensei laughing at the NIdan as he struggled with my grip while performing tekatana techniques (releases). Junichi Sensei proceeded to show the Nidan and demonstrate to the class how to release yourself from such a strong grip. I was then used as Uke when Junichi Sensei demonstrated and needed a strong Uke. This event happened 3 years ago and I was 6 Kyu standing 5 foot 11 weighing 100KG. Today I am only 3 Kyu weighing in at 95 KG.

Another Nidan at our club complains I give him rope burn and calls me the ":Uke from Hell"

Sadly I inherited "strongest man" at the club, but at my last grading Sensei complimented me for not using any strength or power. Which is what I am focusing on more and more.

In saying that, when I train with any lower kyu grade.I never use such strength. But Shodan and above at least deserve an honest attack...Maybe...

This Labour weekend (2014) our club hosts Bob Nadeau Shihan for a 3 day seminar in Auckland...Come along friend.
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