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Re: Budo And Sports, A Rant

I started Judo as a kid in 1974 and did it on and off over the years in the UK, Japan, and Korea until I got injured one time too many in 1998. I consider myself lucky as I did the Kyushin style in the UK and we learned lots of techniques and katas. But I could not continue it while in Asia as all they did was fight - technical skill is just not taught enough, and even if done, is just for the warm up in most places. If you learn it the way it was done in Kyushin, it really is not that much different to Aikido, except of course, we did have randori, and, I was doing ordinary Judo as well. If I had just done typical Judo I would probably have quit a lot sooner. I think Tomiki Aikido gets the balance about right - lots of techniques, lots of kata, and lots of randori. It's not all just about winning a tournament. If so - all you would do would be tournament winning techniques - and in my opinion, its bad for the Art as ... it fails to produce people who can teach the syllabus to a reasonable degree of skill. And that is why, I think, Judo has been disappearing. Even the so called experts in the West (tournament winners?) cannot teach it.

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