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Re: Budo And Sports, A Rant

Peter Rehse wrote: View Post
I also don't read it the same way. She was complaining to what tournaments have become and not necessarily that the budo aspect is not important. Frankly speaking it sounded more like she was pointing out the prevalence of rules and show, rather than anything against the spirit of budo. Her point about ego of the coaches and referees being a problem suggests to me that she is addressing an age old issue.
Huh, gotta say I'm in full agreement with Peter and Tim before him. I've reread her post a couple times now and I find myself in agreement with her and not finding it anything all that controversial. Nothing to do with budo or the benefits of training in a budo. Just about the underlying problems that have always plagued things like tournaments, camps, etc.

I must admit that I find myself happiest when I'm training with friends at a friendly dojo (with all the gear and other crap) or hitting seminars where we simply take off our shoes, put on some old sweats and a t-shirt, and work on stuff. And the benefits of tournaments are still there, but everyone weighs those things in different way. I enjoyed strong training in Judo. But I never really felt much need to compete except for the chance to get on the mat with folk I may have never met before.

I don't see anything at all in her article critical of budo whatsoever.

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