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Re: Sagawa Yukiyoshi, Masaru Takahashi en Adem Training in Daito-ryu

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
Some of those stances and thoughts on breath are what make me question from the DR and other arts' lines what they consider breath power versus what would be considered breath power from a more traditional 6 harmonies perspective. I'm not convinced they're the same thing, but as was already mentioned, getting good info around what's being done is problematic at best.
Budd, could you share more about what a "more traditional 6 harmonies" perspective is?

The concept of breath power I've seen in mainline Daito ryu is similar to what I have seen in Jikishinkage ryu - and I don't think it would fit the "internal" frame at all. It's pretty much about packing in a lot of power and then releasing it in some way that breaks your opponent. It could be that both systems reserve different kinds of breath training for higher levels, of course.
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