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Re: Aikido Dojo Recruitment...????

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Yes, cookies, as in cookies. Haven't you ever taken a big fall late in the day on a seminar, hit the mat, sighed and wished somebody would bring you milk and cookies and let you take a nap like nursery school? :-) After weeks of threatening, last year I actually DID bring milk and cookies to my Low Impact class....
Janet, actually, no.....but I have wished for a a Starbucks, or the local equivalent.....Our dojos do have regular times for "community" get-togethers, and, at one, a group of us usually go out after class for coffee and such. At the other dojo I attend, we sometimes go out for "burger and beer" after class.

I guess these things help build that community some have mentioned, though not everyone can or will attend.

Anyway, thanks for the food for thought (couldn't resist!).....Any other ideas out there??
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