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training at multiple dojos?

hi all,

does anyone here train regularly at more than one dojo? that is, visits each dojo at least once a week, or a few times every month?

if so, why do you do this? i'm considering this path, and wonder what sort of thoughts people have about doing this, from a social etiquette perspective, and also wondering how to address challenges in absorbing techniques presented very differently by different teachers. is one's aikido destined to become schizophrenic doing this, or more sensitive because you will learn to be very focused on where you are and do things *just as been shown* as opposed to relying on body conditioning? thus you learn to be more in the moment, and learn to do what is appropriate in broader circumstances. or you more likely to end up confused and unhappy? is this more like trying to have an open relationship instead of committing to one partner, or is it more like having more than one friendship? where does commitment to one's own path of training fit in with needs of dojo, of senseis, of dojomates? everyone involved knows what i want and approves and is supportive, i just wonder if i'm setting myself up for disappointment.

what do you feel about the issues of loyalty to one teacher/dojo affecting one's training?
note here i'm not talking about irregular visits, dojo hopping, or seminars, but a situation where you attend everyday classes at more than one dojo regularly for the indefinite future.

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