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Re: Dan Hardin in Atlanta, Georgia January 2014

An experienced Taiji and Bjj perspective of someone who has known Dan along time.

Dan's second one in Atlanta went even better than the first (I know, that shouldn't have been possible, right? ), at least IMO -- mostly I think because his delivery of material is improving, becoming clearer and more concise. (And partly because he showed, however briefly, how to apply some of that stuff on the ground, which makes me somewhat biased, for obvious reasons. :P)

The guys who didn't "have anything" in terms of internal mechanics a year ago (were never exposed to this stuff, i.e. were doing your standard run-of-the-mill Aikido stuff) and who after his first visit completely restructured their curriculum to train specifically his stuff, are now feeling more solid and "internal" than many tai chi folks I've met over the years. Which means, what he teaches simply works, -- I have now witnessed solid evidence of that. Not that I had any doubts.

He remains the nice and fun and open and humble guy I've met 8 years ago -- and still the last person on this planet I'd ever want to have to fight against (and I mean that literally). One of the most well-rounded martial artists (internal or otherwise) -- and now with a continuously improving ability to transfer all that knowledge... I've said this before, but let me repeat -- anyone who has a chance to go see the man and hasn't yet -- you're missing out big time, no matter what your style is.

Thanks for doing all that great work Dan.
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