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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: Budo And Sports, A Rant

Peter Boylan wrote: View Post
Your objections to referencing Kano's writings as a means of understanding him seem more like obstructionism than anything else.
I think that for understanding Kano reading him does not suffice. One has to look at what he did.

As for how Judo was being used as budo in Imperial Japan, Kano fought that as well, but he also faced a lot of opposition within the Kodokan over his distaste for the emphasis on competitive judo. He faced enough opposition that there was at least one attempt to remove him from power in the Kodokan by a group within it.
Distaste with the effects of emphasizing competition while at the same time awarding rank and teaching positions based on competitive results.... honne and tatemae maybe?
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