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Re: Leading your uke?

Oy vey, computer crash and now having to follow another excellent post from Ledyard Sensei...

Given that you list your dojo as USAF, have you seen Yamada Sensei's videos showing these (granted, from years ago)? Several here:

Interestingly, he demonstrates these techniques similarly to the way Saotome Sensei has; the "narrative" of the waza is that nage has messed up and uke has slipped behind and the waza is about recovering from this terrible position, which is consistent with a position that uke and nage engage in a fluid martial situation... perhaps you can discuss creating a progressively more static/challenging situation with your uke so that you can identify the point at which how you do things stop working?

I also can't resist watching Saito Sensei on these matters for static start - my latest focus, for whatever that's worth, is feeling it as kokyu ho with asagao-no-te going on, etc...
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