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Abdul Rashid
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Aikido as an actual Martial Art

Hello guys . I am new member here . However i have been reading forums here for the past few years . A little introduction about myself . I started training in aikido in 2012 after watching some seagal movies . Ever since then , i got hooked onto training and just loved it . But after a while , i started to realise that what i was being taught was just impractical . We would often have some scuffles and fights in schools and i got beaten almost everytime . I can't tell you the number of times i have thought of qutting aikido .

Anyway , something big happened last year where i got into a big fight ! I managed to control this huge guy with a sankyo . I realised that placing a lock on someone who is trying to beat that crap out of you is different from the dojo . Also , a lock can be countered . I brought this up to my teacher and could not get a proper answer.

One of my concerns right now is whether my training would work for me in a fight . If it does not , i shall try to find ways to make it work . I cannot seem to find people teaching aikido in a practical way . Everyone now seems to be doing the same old , shomen uchi , yokomen uchi etc . I understand that is the traditional stuff . But don't we need to evolve at the same time ?

Another one of my concerns is that people telling me aikido cannot be used in a fight as it is " really dangerous , deadly " or either " it is the art of peace " . I have sparred sometimes and found techniques that work against a resisting attacker .

It seems now that people are practicing aikido only as an art . Looks like anybody from other arts can simply mop the floor even with an aikido black belt . I don't see any aikidoka now trained to fight . Most of them seem fat , skinny , overweight going along with " Oh , you don't need strength in aikido " excuse .

Looks like the downfall of aikido in the future . I am simply stating my opinions . I wish to be good at aikido in the dojo and be practical and realistic at the same time . I am not training in aikido to beat up people.
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