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Re: The uke/nage paradigm

Janet Rosen wrote: View Post
Maybe your "waza didn't improve by it" but I bet in giving up your pre-thinking about what you wanted to work on in class and focusing on the actual human being you were partnered with your overall Aikido improved. Because being present in the reality of the moment, not in our hopes or wishes for reality, is what a martial art offers us.
And I'm not being flippant in saying this. I really believe sometimes that IS the lesson when class doesn't go the way we expect.
Lol i try to be less sarcastic next time. English still is just a third language to me! So it doesn't serves me all that well during sarcastic remarks! Because putting away my ego isn't a little lesson imho. If it is just a little thing to you, i am very happy for you. Because i never met a person before who considers putting aside ego a little lesson. Learn a lot yesterday. Only my body would have loved to roll a bit more yesterday. Will have to pick that up in the gym if i find some time.
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