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Death is an immutable part of life. If you don't 'accept' it, you'll never find true balance in life and you'll never have true awareness of the moment. Both of these principles (balance & awareness)are an integral part of Aikido, so at some point this 'bridge needs to be crossed'. This is both practical AND spiritual; If you do not accept life as it is, your living in a fallacy. It is also important to train with 'Life & Death' in mind - it puts everything properly in focus - as it truly is your life or death, and perhaps, someone elses. Implicit in what is written here is the notion of 'live life, don't fear it'. Fear is an opening(suki) and predators look for easy prey. I work at a Halfway House and the people who reside here run the full gambit of criminal behavior;in general, they're very observant people. A number of Police Officers have related to me their frustration/consternation with victims who can't accurately describe their assailants, if at all. No one wants that kind of rude awakening. It is the sincere, resolute intent of "...receiving 99% of an opponents attack...even to the point of facing death..." (to paraphrase O'Sensei from his book, Budo) that will put you in the 'not prey' category. Few people are prepared to face death to get your wallet, and if they are you'd better be prepared to deal with it and prevail. This carries over into everything in life. Just some of my thoughts on this subject...

W.F. Ward
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